Randleman, North Carolina’s Skulls & Whiskey are proof that raw talent, ambition, honesty and drive can still prevail in the local music scene today. Skulls & Whiskey was started in 2013 when longtime friends JC “The Hammer” Casey, singer, and Ron Radford, rhythm guitar, decided they wanted to bring the hard rocking sound of Viking Skull, a UK based band, to the triad. 
Fueled by a mutual interest the two began the search to complete Skulls & Whiskey. It wasn’t long and Eddie Inlow, drums, and Lew Millet, bass guitar, joined the group. Shortly after the 5th member, Patrick Jackson, lead guitar, joined. With Wayne Van Den Broeke, joining in as sound technician, more than a band was formed- a brotherhood. It became clear right away that they had something worthwhile after the first few practices. Everything clicked and they knew it was the right time to introduce the heavy metal sound of Viking Skull to the area. Due to family obligations Eddie Inlow left the band in mid 2016. With his vibrant personality James "Special J" Mason has taken over the drums for Skulls and Whiskey and we are once again ready to rock the world. 
When listening to Skulls & Whiskey their thundering sound will rock your soul and have you begging for more. While the band members all have full time jobs, they are passionate about music, dedicating a large part of their lives, outside of work and family, to perfecting their art. They are constantly trying to innovate and improve as a band. 
Skulls & Whiskey is a band that is on a mission and that mission is to “rock until their faces explode”. You can find additional information about Skulls & Whiskey at https:/

Members: J.C. "Hammer"/ Vocal's, Lewie "Tha Thunder" Millett / Bass, Ron "Twelve Pack" Radford / Guitars, Patrick"Tha Boss" Jackson / Lead Guitar, James "Special J" Mason / Drums